Q: What is the Hidden Gem Profit System?

A: The Hidden Gem Profit System is a training web site for people who are new to Internet Marketing. Even if you are an Experience Network Marketer, we all benefit from being a part of a community with like-minded individuals Uniting to Win. Hidden Gem will implement several streams of income to build your business portfolio with success (details to follow)

Q: What are the products in the Hidden Gem Profit System?

A: Our products will include e-books of effective marketing to empower and educate on effective marketing strategies and branding yourself. You also have a chance to advertise your own business here on our website with social media, banners or text ads.

Q: How much is it to join the Hidden Gem Profit System?

A: The cost to join the Hidden Gem $1 Frenzy is a one time payment of $1 Fee to start. This is a member to member platform paid directly to your sponsor or upline. 

Q: Are there any admin or monthly fees?

A: No Admin or Monthly fees in the Hidden Gem $1 Frenzy. 

It is our goal to implement other streams of income that may require additional fees; this is highly recommended but optional. Members will be made aware of all fees prior to joining additional income producing opportunities. 

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: NO REFUNDS, since this is a member to member system and you will have instant access to your earnings, our product in your member's area, there are NO REFUNDS.

Q: What payment options will be accepted in Hidden Gem?

A: Oru Visa card, this card will generated additional income streams of $10 per referral and it pays 10 levels deep. There is a Code needed to register your account (mandatory), please request the code and details from your upline/sponsor. 

Overview video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhfePYkDMY4

Q: What is a member to member payment system?

A: A member to member payment system allows you to generate income through sales of the products offered. Members pay each member when prompted. Admin/owner does not receive your direct payments unless prompted to pay, do not hold Owner/admin for payments and there are no refunds. You will receive 100% commission paid via Oru.


Q: How does the complan work?

A: Hidden Gem begins with $1 Frenzy, a 2x5 structure. Level 1 is a Regular Forced Matrix to encourage members to invite 2 members into the systems. Too often members refuse to contribute to the growth of the profit systems, expecting leaders to carry them on their "backs".  Subsequent levels will operate as a Company Forced Matrix; Level 1 only requires 2 members in your profit system therefore spillover and spillunder will be massive .  

The comp plan are as follow:

Ruby $1x2= $2 Upgrade to Sapphire

Sapphire $2x4= $8 keep $2 Upgrade to Emerald and then purchase Ruby position (Only after week 1 of launching)

Emerald $6x8= $48= keep $28 Upgrade to Onyx & purchase Ruby position

Onyx $20x16= $320 keep $200 Upgrade to Diamond & then purchase Ruby

Diamond $120x32= $3840 Congratulations!! Do it Over & Over again

The above earning overview is just an example of the earning potential our

program can offer. **As always there is NEVER any Guarantee on earnings**

***If you observe others breaking out rules or taking actions that will sabotage the system structure; please report it, they are playing with you money and the lives of those whom you love***


Q: What are the chat room rules?

A: Spamming group page &/or chat room with other opportunities are NOT permitted, failure to comply will result in removal from the chat room and group page. The members were invited by others to participate in Hidden Gem $1 Frenzy & its multiple income streams. It is unethical, tacky and desperate to engage is such practices. Please protect our community and report spamming or inbox with the intent to lure Hidden Gem members into your other opportunities. Members found breaking the rules will be removed from the chat/group page and from the program. NO Refunds will be issued.  Post on your timeline and if members are interested they will inquire. 

Why should members work hard to invite members to Hidden Gem for you to monopolize their efforts. They too have opportunities they would like to build with the members they personally invite to Hidden Gem. 

**If you do not have self control regarding this matter, DO NOT join**

Q: I have an opportunity I would like to have added to the list of income streams, how do I get approval?

A: The leaders of Hidden Gem believe in Democracy, we vote on all issues or recommendations that will impact the team in anyway. Please submit business suggestions/recommendations, video, link, full name and contact info via email hiddengemcash@gmail.com. I will be carefully reviewed, voted on and them presented to the team at large for their approval. Lack of support will result in denial. 

Q: I submitted my payment but no one has confirmed yet, what should I do?

A: Please allow 24 hours for your sponsor or upline to approve payments. If for any reason the 24 hours have lapsed, please send admin payment screenshots of payment proofs for Auto Approval. NEVER approve payments without physically verifying your payments. Approved payments without verification will lead you loss of money on your part and your are held 100% responsible. If member is ethical, they maybe willing to rectify the matter among yourselves. 


Q: How can we contact support?

A: There are several ways you can contact us using the chat rooms, Hidden Gem Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1967565966804211/ 

You can also email us at hiddengemcash@gmail.com, please include in your  name, username & email using your back office or direct email.


Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


Q: Are There Any Tax Requirements?

A: Members are personally responsible for any tax requirements. Most states allow $16,000 yearly "gifts/donations"


Q: What do I post on to invite others?

A: You are encouraged to post in 10 groups daily to invite new members to join our Community. If you can "cut and paste" you will get your 2, 4, 8, 16 or even 32.

Ex. Post:
If you have $1 I can show you the plan to turn it into $3840

Do you like believe in multiple streams of income? I can show you what $1 can do

Do you know $1 can change your life?

will add more to the group page as others begin to share/invite others to Hidden Gem.

What to send via PM/inbox in response to Info:

PM/Inbox: Thank you for your inquiry on how to turn $1 into $3840, Member to Member, fast paced 2x5 $1 Frenzy team-build, payment options uphold.com. & Oru. Uphold is a free payment option, that allows you to receive multiple payment sources globally. Please register and load funds making your purchase. Oru is global & another stream of income, $10 per referral (register for free when in earning upgrade to Premium & order your card). Are you ready to make money?